October 8, 2018/Press

NEW POLL: Voters Overwhelmingly Approve of Governor Cooper’s Response to Hurricane Florence

Raleigh – More than eight in ten (84%) of North Carolina voters, including an overwhelming majority of Republicans, Independents, and Democrats, approve of how Governor Cooper has handled the response to Hurricane Florence, according to a new poll on climate change released in the wake of last month’s storm.

How would you rate the way Governor Roy Cooper responded to Hurricane Florence?

84% approve
9% disapprove

Democrats, Independents, and Republicans all agree Governor Cooper responded well to the storm, with Republicans giving Governor Cooper the highest marks at +82 points:

  • Democrats: 85% approve vs. 8% disapprove
  • Independents: 81% approve vs. 11% disapprove
  • Republicans: 89% approve vs. 7% disapprove