February 28, 2019/Press

NEW POLL: Tillis Starts Reelection Unpopular, Unknown


Raleigh – Thom Tillis, the most vulnerable senator in the country, starts his reelection campaign underwater and unknown by a plurality of North Carolina voters, according to a new poll from High Point University.

  • Tillis is -10 among voters that know him. Thirty-three percent of voters disapprove of the job Thom Tillis is doing, compared to just 23% who approve.
  • Nearly half don’t know Tillis. Forty-four percent of voters didn’t know enough about Tillis to respond – a plurality of respondents.

Worse for Tillis, President Trump is also underwater across the state, with voters disapproving of President Trump by a 9 point margin (50/41%) – a similar margin to Tillis’, evidence that his reelection chances track closely with Trump’s approval in the state.

Tillis has already linked himself to President Trump, voting with him and the Republican Party 98.2% of the time last Congress and saying at a rally in Charlotte that he will support every policy priority from President Trump.

“North Carolinians don’t know Thom Tillis and those who do don’t like him,” North Carolina Democratic Party spokesman Robert Howard said. “From standing by as a disastrous government shutdown delayed hurricane recovery to staying silent as President Trump’s tariffs hammered North Carolina farmers, it’s clear Tillis looks out for himself, not North Carolina.”