July 3, 2017/Press

NEW POLL: NC Voters Disapprove of Senate Health Care Bill By 20 Points, Will Reject Sen. Tillis if He Votes to Repeal

Raleigh – Fifty three percent of North Carolina voters disapprove of the Senate GOP repeal plan compared to just 33 percent that approve, and voters plan to hold Sen. Tillis accountable if he votes to repeal ACA, according to new polling from Public Policy Polling and Protect Our Care.

The Senate repeal plan is an important issue for 80 percent of North Carolina voters, and respondents reported that they will reject Sen. Tillis in 2020 if he votes to repeal the ACA:

  • Sen. Tillis trails a generic Democrat, 48 percent to 44 percent
  • Independents disapprove of health care repeal by 23 points (32 percent – 55 percent); only 57 percent of Republicans approve of repeal.
  • North Carolina voters are 48 percent less likely to vote to reelect Sen. Tillis if he supports repeal and only 28 percent more likely
  • Voters want to fix instead of repeal the ACA by a 13 point margin (53 percent – 40 percent); that margin expands to 15 points among Independents (53 percent – 38 percent)

“Voters across the Tar Heel state are ready to hold Sen. Tillis accountable if he votes to rip away health care for 1.3 million North Carolinians, gut Medicaid, and cut funding for opioid treatment,” said NCDP Executive Director Kimberly Reynolds. “Sen. Tillis must do the right thing for his state and vote against this disastrous bill that’s more of a tax giveaway to the rich than help for North Carolina families.”