June 20, 2019/Press

NEW: Mark Meadows Takes “Unprompted Dig” At Tillis to Attack Fellow Republican

Raleigh – North Carolina Republicans just keep going out of their way to attack incumbent Republican Senator Thom Tillis.

In an interview about the special election in North Carolina’s third congressional district, North Carolina Republican Representative and Freedom Caucus chair Mark Meadows took “an unprompted dig” at Senator Tillis, using him to attack a Republican candidate running in the special election, saying the candidate “sided with Thom Tillis and the Democrats against the President of the United States on securing our border.”

That comes on the heels of the newly elected Republican Party chair refusing to publicly support the incumbent Republican senator, calling his primary a “great opportunity.”

Both examples showcased why Senator Tillis earned a wealthy conservative primary challenger who’s already running TV and radio ads, and underscored his weakness and “trust problem” among North Carolina Republican voters.

If his problems with base Republican voters weren’t clear enough, the leading right-wing representative in the state shoehorning an attack on Tillis into an unrelated interview certainly makes it crystal clear.