November 9, 2018/Press

NCDP Statement on Trudy Wade’s Concession

After originally conceding and stating that she’s “looking forward to returning to full time work,” Trudy Wade yesterday tried to walk back her concession statement without ever clarifying it. She then called her opponent, Sen-elect Michael Garrett, a liar after he accepted her concession and stated, “I wish her the best.”

North Carolina Democratic Party Executive Director Kimberly Reynolds released the following statement in response:

“Trudy Wade continues to show why Guilford county voters rejected her and her disgusting politics. Instead of gracefully exiting public office like she originally had, she went back on her word and hurled one last nasty attack. It’s disappointing to see a soon-to-be former public official debase herself and the office this way.”


11/7/18, 6:41PM: Trudy Wade concedes to Fox8 News, saying, “I look forward to returning to full time work with my four legged [sic] friends.”

“It has been an honor to serve the citizens of Guilford County for the last six years. I appreciate the support and votes I received during the campaign. I am proud of the accomplishments that have been made in the North Carolina Legislature over my three terms. I look forward to returning to full time work with my four legged friends.”

11/8/18, 2:56PM: Michael Garrett accepts, saying in a press release, “I wish her the best” in her future “returning to full time work.”

“I remain humbled and honored that the people of the 27th District have entrusted me with their voice in the state Senate. This was a spirited campaign about important issues facing our families and communities, from investing in our public schools and teachers to making healthcare more accessible and affordable. I am ready to get to work. I want to thank Senator Trudy Wade for her service to Guilford County and the State of North Carolina. Public service is not an easy endeavor and it is not done without sacrifice, and I wish her the best.”

11/8/18, 11PM: Wade attempts to walk back her concession to WXII without ever clarifying her first statement. Instead, she simply attacked Sen.-elect Garrett.