March 6, 2019/Press

NCDP Statement on Tillis Vote for Chad Readler to Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals

Raleigh – North Carolina Democratic Party spokesman Robert Howard released the following statement after Senator Thom Tillis voted to give Chad Readler a lifetime seat on the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Readler wrote the brief for the Trump Administration arguing that the Affordable Care Act, including the provision that protects Americans with pre-conditions, is unconstitutional.

“Thom Tillis claimed that covering people with preexisting conditions is pretty important, yet today he showed once again that his actions don’t match his words. Tillis is rewarding someone who spearheaded the effort to rip away protections for preexisting conditions for more than 4 million North Carolinians and make health care more expensive for everyone. Tillis has shown again he’ll say one thing but do the opposite, and North Carolinians are right to not trust him with their health care.”


Thom Tillis Called Protecting Preexisting Conditions “Pretty Important.” In a Facebook Q&A video, Tillis said, “I think covering preexisting conditions is pretty important.” [Facebook, 5/11/2017]

The Texas Lawsuit Threatens the Health Care of Millions of North Carolinians, including 4 Million with a Preexisting Condition. Nearly 4 million North Carolinians have a pre-existing health condition, such as cancer, asthma, or diabetes. Roughly 70,000 young adults in North Carolina who have coverage because they can stay on their parents’ coverage until age 26. [U.S. DHHS, Accessed 3/6/2019]

North Carolinians with Employer Coverage Who Rely on No-Cost Preventative Care and No Lifetime or Annual Limits are Threatened with Worse Care. Nearly 4 million North Carolinians, most of whom have employer coverage, can access free preventive care at no cost thanks to the Affordable Care Act. More than 3 million North Carolinians with employer coverage no longer have to worry about lifetime or annual limits. [U.S. DHHS, Accessed 3/6/2019]