January 24, 2019/Press

NCDP Statement on Tillis’ Vote Against a Clean Bill Reopening the Government

Raleigh – North Carolina Democratic Party spokesman Robert Howard released the following statement after Senator Thom Tillis voted down a clean funding bill to end the government shutdown despite voting for a similar measure just a month ago:

“This shutdown is hammering North Carolina because Thom Tillis is too cowardly to stand up to President Trump. Workers are missing paychecks and struggling to pay their mortgage, kids are forced to eat ‘minimal’ meals, farmers are missing critical crops assistance, and people ravaged by recent hurricanes are left waiting for crucial aid. Senator Tillis had a chance to help them today but chose allegiance to President Trump instead. Senator Tillis needs to look in the eyes of people hurt by his government shutdown and explain why he was willing to vote for a similar measure in December but chose today to vote against relief for those suffering in North Carolina.”

Here’s the latest on how the Trump-Tillis shutdown is hammering North Carolina:

Charlotte Observer: Victims a second time: First Hurricane Florence, now the government shutdown

Not one, not two, but at least three pots of disaster recovery money would be flowing to North Carolina were it not for the shutdown. Without it, homes remain damaged and in harm’s way, businesses are left unrepaired and water and sewer and electrical lines that need attention are neglected.

Associated Press: Shutdown delays disaster relief for some N. Carolina farmers

The Fayetteville Observer reports the shutdown has mostly closed the federal Farm Service Agency responsible for a document required in farmer applications for state disaster relief. North Carolina set aside $240 million to assist farmers who sustained losses during Hurricane Florence and Michael last year.

Fox News: North Carolina school district restricts lunch program due to ongoing government shutdown

Vance County Schools announced it would serve lunch on a “minimum level” beginning on Jan. 21 — only providing one main dish, bread, two vegetables, one fruit and milk, it said in a Facebook post. No bottled water or ice cream will be available.

Star-News: Wilmington food banks brace as shutdown drags on

“What we are seeing are lots of people who seem not just concerned, but almost panicked because they’re worried that food stamps are going to be cut off or disrupted.” – Wilmington food bank Shepherd Center executive director Katrina Knight

“Everything can be affected by the shutdown, everything from truckers to who the heck knows at this point. The trickle-down effect of this thing can be huge.” – Wilmington food bank Mother Hubbard’s board president Roxann Landowne

WUNC: The Government Shutdown Is Hitting Home In North Carolina

North Carolina citizens are experiencing an array of side effects firsthand: Farmers are struggling to get the information they need to apply for federal loans or crop assistance; Vance County Schools announced they are scaling back their school lunch options for students; and food stamp recipients are getting their February benefits early and will not receive anything next month.

WTKR: North Carolina’s Cape Hatteras park is being vandalized during shutdown

Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreational Area on North Carolina’s Outer Banks is being vandalized while park staff members are furloughed during the partial federal government shutdown.