July 25, 2017/Press

NCDP Statement on Sens. Burr and Tillis’ Vote to Advance Plan to Strip 1.3 Million North Carolinians of Health Care

Raleigh – Former North Carolina Insurance Commission and North Carolina Democratic Party Chair Wayne Goodwin released the following statement after Senators Burr and Tillis voted in the Senate for a Motion to Proceed on the Senate GOP healthcare bill:

“Senators Burr and Tillis are hurtling towards the most irresponsible and dangerous vote of their lives,” NCDP Wayne Goodwin said. “No matter which bill moves forward, millions of North Carolinians will lose health insurance. Thousands will die because of it. Medicaid will be gutted, and those suffering from opioid addiction will be left to fight on their own. Our nation’s doctors, patient advocates, business leaders, health insurers, and the American people have all rejected these cruel bills. If Senators Burr and Tillis don’t do the same, they’ll have to answer to the North Carolina people.”


GOP Repeal Plan Decimates Medicaid, Kicks 1.3 Million Off Coverage. In North Carolina, under the Senate GOP plan:

  • 13.3 percent will be uninsured by 2026
  • 1,348,300 people will lose coverage
  • 638,900 will lose Medicaid coverage (an additional 500,000 estimated low-income citizens would have coverage had the General Assembly expanded Medicaid). Those losing coverage include:
    • 32,500 elderly citizens
    • 29,900 people with disabilities
    • 148,900 children
    • 26,000 veterans
  • 709,500 will lose insurance through the individual marketplace

Voters Disapprove of Senate GOP Health Care Bill and Will Reject Tillis if He Votes for Repeal. 53% percent of North Carolina voters disapprove of the Senate GOP repeal plan, and voters are ready to vote Senator Tillis out of office if he votes yes, according to Public Policy Polling and Protect Our Care.

  • Sen. Tillis trails a generic Democrat, 48 percent to 44 percent;
  • North Carolina voters are 48 percent less likely to vote to reelect Sen. Tillis if he supports repeal and only 28 percent more likely
  • Independents disapprove of health care repeal by 23 points (32 percent – 55 percent); only 57 percent of Republicans approve of repeal.