December 14, 2017/Press

NCDP Statement on Republican’s Vote to Kill Net Neutrality

Raleigh – North Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Wayne Goodwin released the following statement after the Republican members of the Federal Communications Commission voted to kill Net Neutrality rules:

“Today’s partisan vote is a blow to the free and fair internet. Republicans sold out everyday people to their telecom companies and their lobbyists. This is part of a Republican effort to rig the system in favor of corporations and their CEO’s, who now have broad power to pick and choose what content Americans can access. Rural communities, startups, and low-income North Carolinians will all be worse off, and could be forced to pay more or lose out on basic internet access all together.

“Democrats will continue to fight Republican attempts to stack the deck for wealthy corporations over North Carolina families. An open internet is fundamental to free speech, innovations, and a competitive economy. Keeping it a level playing field should be our priority, not giving big corporate CEO’s even more power and money.”