July 13, 2017/Press

NCDP Statement on Republican Legislature’s Attempt To Manipulate State And County Board Of Elections

RALEIGH, NC – NCDP Party Chairman Wayne Goodwin issued the following comment about the ongoing litigation over the Republican legislature’s efforts to manipulate the State and County Boards of Elections:

“We’ve been asked when we will submit names for the Republicans’ new rigged Board of Elections, and the simple answer is that we hope we never have to. Governor Cooper has been right to ask our state’s highest court to block this damaging law from taking effect. Republican attempts to manipulate the Board of Elections are nothing more than a backdoor attempt at voter suppression to rig the system in their favor. By making these boards an even partisan split, Republicans all but ensure continuous gridlock, which ultimately means fewer opportunities to vote for North Carolinians. Republicans have to game the system because they know their out-of-touch policies are losers at the ballot box. It’s our hope that the courts will do the right thing to protect the sanctity of our elections.”