June 6, 2019/Press

NCDP Statement on Republican Legislators Lying to Federal Court to Prevent 2017 Special Election

Raleigh – NCDP Chair Wayne Goodwin released the following statement in response to new evidence that legislative Republicans lied to a federal court about the timing of new legislative maps to avoid calling a special election in 2017, and about the use of racial data:

“From stealing an election to facing federal indictment for bribery to now lying in federal court about their gerrymandered maps, North Carolina Republicans continue to show how willing they are to shred our democracy as they desperately attempt to cling to power.”

In September 2017, legislative Republicans told WRAL that they had no early knowledge of the maps, a statement now contradicted by today’s court filings. According to WRAL, “Democrats said repeatedly during an early August public hearing on redistricting that they believed the process to be a sham and that Republican majority leaders already had secret maps ready for approval. Lewis, R-Harnett, denied that at the time, and he reiterated that Tuesday, saying GOP leaders waited for public input and didn’t pre-draw maps.”