October 25, 2017/Press

NCDP Statement on Rep. Brisson’s Announcement

Raleigh – North Carolina Democratic Party Chair Wayne Goodwin released the following statement after Rep. Brisson announced he’s changing his party affiliation:

“Representative Brisson is an honest public servant, but one who rarely caucuses with Democrats and votes more than nine out of ten times with the Republican majority. Our party remains committed to fighting for every seat possible in order to retake the majority by 2020. Under fairer maps in 2018 we are confident we will break the Republican supermajority. Our goal is to provide Governor Cooper with a Democratic Caucus that will stand with him in fighting to improve education, grow the economy, and ensure North Carolinians are ready for the jobs available today and created tomorrow. Today’s news does not change the calculus needed to reach that goal.”


Since 2011, Rep. Brisson Has Voted with the Republican Majority 92 Percent of the Time. Rep. Brisson has consistently caucused with Republicans, voting with the Republican majority more than nine out of ten times (92 percent) since they took power in 2011.

Rep. Brisson Represents the Reddest Democratic-Held Seat in North Carolina. HD-22 has consistently voted for Republican national candidates, and has gotten more conservative over time. In 2012, HD-22 voted 56-44 for Romney; in 2016, the district voted 59-40 Trump.

Two GOP Judges Have Left the Party This Year Alone. District Judge Lou Trosch switched from Republican to Democrat earlier this year as a “matter of conscience,” while GOP Judge J. Douglas McCullough retired early before a veto override would threaten Gov. Cooper’s ability to appoint his successor.