January 28, 2019/Press

NCDP Statement on Dan Forest’s Announcement of an “Exploratory” Committee

Raleigh – North Carolina Democratic Party spokesman Robert Howard released the following statement after Lt. Governor Dan Forest announced an “exploratory” committee to run for Governor:

“Dan Forest has spent his time in office looking for his next job and speaking only to far-right extremists in his party. From shaking hands with an abusive, radical group and undermining voters’ faith in our elections to dividing people based on their faith and championing HB2, Dan Forest is already the most extreme candidate ever to run for the Governor’s mansion. North Carolina will reject his extremism.”


News & Observer: Leader of church at center of scandal attends fundraiser for Lt. Gov. Forest
By Paul A. Specht
January 28, 2019

The photo shows Forest standing in a living room with Robin Webster, a leader of Word of Faith Fellowship in Spindale in Rutherford County, about 70 miles west of Charlotte. Word of Faith has come under scrutiny in recent months after 43 former members told the Associated Press that church members try to expel demons using “blasting” prayers where congregants were smacked, choked, punched and thrown to the floor.

WRAL: Want to commit voter fraud? NC’s top Republican tells you how
By Laura Leslie
October 23, 2018

Lt. Gov. Dan Forest released a video last week with step-by-step instructions for “organized groups” to commit voter impersonation, a felony in North Carolina.


The video, titled Voter Fraud 101, was promoted on Facebook and paid for by the NC Republican Council of State Committee, a political action committee chaired by Forest and largely funded by Greg Lindberg, a major political donor currently under federal investigation.

News & Observer: Letter to the Editor: Lt. Gov. Forest’s comments about Democrats having ‘no hope in God’ spark outcry
By Stan C. Kimer
April 22, 2018

As a someone with a deep Christian faith and a past President of the North Carolina Council of Churches, I find Lt. Gov. Forest’s recent remarks disturbing and inflammatory. He is actually saying that political conservatives are the only true Christians who place their faith in God.


Shame on Mr. Forest for insinuating that he and his political party have some sort of corner on God.

News & Observer: NC Lt. Gov. Dan Forest in Texas to support its HB 2-style bill
By Lynn Bonner
March 6, 2018

Lt. Gov. Dan Forest appeared at a news conference in Texas on Monday morning to support a bill proposed there that’s similar to the North Carolina law on transgender people’s bathroom access.


Forest, a Republican, is a backer of the North Carolina law called House Bill 2, which forbids local anti-discrimination protections for LGBT people and requires people in government facilities to use bathrooms that match the gender on their birth certificates.