June 14, 2018/Press

NCDP Rural Listening Tour Stops in Cumberland, Bladen, Duplin, and Sampson Counties

 – NCDP Chair Wayne Goodwin continued his rural listening tour yesterday, stopping in Cumberland, Bladen, Duplin, and Sampson counties to hear from rural North Carolinians and to share North Carolina Democrats’ positive agenda for our state, “Our Carolina Promise.”

The Rural NC Listening Tour is focused on communities that have been left behind by today’s economy and includes honest discussions about the priorities of rural North Carolina and how Democrats can earn their vote this fall.

  • In Cumberland County, Chair Goodwin met with over 40 community, faith, and grassroots leaders at Fayetteville’s Bordeaux Library. On the top of their minds was GenX, followed closely by the need for increased teacher pay and well-paying jobs. In particular, Chair Goodwin and African-American leaders at the roundtable event discussed how Democrats can address the needs of African-American communities in Cumberland and across the state.
  • In Bladen County, Chair Goodwin discussed Our Carolina Promise over lunch with local leaders at the San Jose Mexican Restaurant in Elizabethtown. Attendees shared their concerns about a lack of quality jobs and the need for revitalization within their community.
  • In Duplin County, Chairman Goodwin sat down with the Duplin Times to discuss the Rural NC Listening Tour, the General Assembly’s Farm Bill, and how Democrats are fighting for everyone, not just the wealthy and well connected.
  • In Sampson County, Chair Goodwin discussed the kitchen table issues impacting North Carolina with local party leaders, African American pastors, and candidates at the City Hall Auditorium in Clinton. The discussion focused on how to help rural North Carolina prosper, focusing on expanding rural broadband, bringing jobs to main street and small businesses across Sampson County.

The next stop of the Rural NC Listening Tour will take place on Monday, June 18, in Robeson, Scotland, Richmond, Union, and Anson counties, followed by new stops over the summer out west.

“Across North Carolina, voters are concerned about the kitchen table issues that impact their everyday lives – clean air and water, quality public education, affordable healthcare, and well-paying jobs,” said NCDP Chairman Wayne Goodwin, “North Carolina Democrats are listening and we’ve made a promise to create meaningful change to ensure that our state works for everyone.”