August 27, 2019/Press

NCDP Responds to KKK Rally Echoing President Trump, New White Supremacist Threats to Hillsborough

Raleigh – NCDP Chair Wayne Goodwin and NCDP Second Vice Chair and Hillsborough Town Commissioner Matt Hughes released the following statement in response to the KKK rallying in Hillsborough this weekend behind the president’s slogan to “make American great again” and the recent threats from the KKK to Hillsborough:

“All North Carolinians deserve to feel safe and valued. Instead, the president is encouraging racist chants, inspiring people to pen death threats to black elected officials, and emboldening the KKK to threaten our cities and to rally behind his slogan in broad daylight – all here in North Carolina. Republican leaders, including the state Republican Party and Senator Tillis, must join us in forcefully rebuking the racism and hatred being spurred on by Donald Trump.”

The rally and threats are just the latest white supremacist threats to invoke the President. Last month, President Trump encouraged racist chants at a rally in Greenville, and several African-American Charlotte elected officials received threatening letters invoking the president’s name and parroting his language to “go back to where you came from.”