April 17, 2018/Press

NCDP on GOP Rep. Pittman’s Call to Arm Teachers

Raleigh – In response to an email sent to legislators Monday night from GOP state Representative Larry Pittman calling on the General Assembly to arm teachers or else “blood will be on our hands,” North Carolina Democratic Party Executive Director Kimberly Reynolds released the following statement:

“The solution to gun violence in schools is not more guns in schools. Teachers, who have enough on their plate and work for too little pay, overwhelmingly understand that arming educators is a bad idea. Representative Pittman’s call to arm teachers is dangerous, unproductive, and shows just how far Republicans will go to avoid seriously addressing gun violence. Republicans should listen to their constituents and put forward common sense solutions to reduce gun violence.”


78 Percent of North Carolina Educators Say Arming Teachers is a Bad Idea.“Most North Carolina educators think it’s a bad idea to let teachers carry guns in the classroom, and they say arming teachers would make schools less safe and harm the learning environment, according to a newly released poll.” [News & Observer, 3/8/18]

Speaker Moore: Common Sense Gun Safety Reforms a “Discussion for Another Time.” Speaker Moore told HLN, “folks want to try to drag the gun debate into it – look that’s a discussion for another time we need to deal with how do we make schools safer” [HLN, 4:30]

The Majority of Americans Support Stricter Gun Laws, The Highest Level of Support Ever Measured By The Independent Quinnipiac University National Poll. [Quinnipiac, 2/20/18]

  • 66 percent support stricter gun laws, the highest level of support ever measured in the poll. Even gun owners (50%) want common sense laws to curb gun violence.
  • 97 percent of respondents support universal background checks (2 percent oppose, 1 percent declined to respond). Among gun owners polled, support is also at 97 percent.
  • 83 percent support a mandatory waiting period for all gun purchases.
  • 67 percent agree it is too easy to buy a gun in the U.S. today.
  • 67 percent support a nationwide ban on the sale of assault weapons.