October 17, 2018/Press

NCDP Launches Most Robust Voter Protection & Election Monitoring Effort Ever for a Midterm Election

Raleigh – Today, the North Carolina Democratic Party launched the most robust voter protection effort ever for a midterm election. The effort, called “Our Vote,”has three components: a full-time Voter Protection team for the first time run out of the NCDP to combat misinformation and voter suppression; new voter contact efforts to help voters in areas affected by Hurricane Florence; and a new suite of voter tools to proactively help North Carolina voters cast a ballot.

“This is one of the most important elections of our lifetime, and it’s critical that everyone across the state makes their voice heard,” said NCDP Chairman Wayne Goodwin. “North Carolina Democrats are proud to stand up for our state’s voters with innovative programs and tools to ensure that every voter is informed, prepared, and protected when they head to the polls this fall.”

Voter Protection Efforts

  • Voter Protection Director: For the first time in a midterm election, NCDP has hired a full-time Voter Protection Director to work directly with county parties to appoint poll observers across the state. NCDP anticipates having more than 1,000 observers statewide who will protect the vote and monitor voter suppression and misinformation efforts. Behind the poll watchers is a legal team able to quickly and effectively ensure people can exercise their right to vote.
  • Voter Protection Hotline: After the Trump administration’s unprecedented subpoena of voting records, an effort to suppress the vote in low-information and minority communities, NCDP launched a voter protection hotline to report misinformation and voter suppression efforts. Voters who witness suppression, misinformation, or otherwise suspicious behavior before the election or at the polls can report it to the North Carolina Democratic Party’s voter protection hotline at 1(252)-297-VOTE.

Assisting Voters Affected by Hurricane Florence
Hurricane Florence displaced thousands of North Carolinians but that shouldn’t stand in the way of those voters casting a ballot. NCDP is helping voters affected by Hurricane Florence cast absentee ballots, running an aggressive texting campaign to help voters with every step of absentee voting. The campaign, which is on-going, is reaching out to voters via text message to assist them with requesting a ballot, reminding them when the ballot is on the way, and asking them to complete the ballot once it’s arrived. NCDP is also continually monitoring the situation in affected areas to ensure people are able to vote.

New Suite of Digital Voting Tools 
Before North Carolina voters head to the polls, North Carolina Democrats are proactively arming them with a package of tools aimed to ensure voters are prepared, informed, and protected. The list of new tools includes:

  • WhosRunning.org: WhosRunning.org gives an at-a-glance overview of the Democratic candidates running to represent North Carolinians this year, and helps voters sort by key filters to see, for example, our first-time candidates or candidates of color. From Congress to the statewide judicial races to the legislature, WhosRunning.org helps voters support and get involved with their local candidates up-and-down the ballot and highlights the diversity of our slate.
  • Voter Guide: When users enter their address, the NCDP Voter Guidegenerates their 2018 Democratic slate of candidates and provides information on the six constitutional amendments. Once users have viewed their candidates, they’re prompted to Make a Plan to Vote.
  • Make a Plan to Vote: Using this tool, users select the date, time and location they will vote. They can then sign-up to receive a reminder about their voting plan by email or text message to ensure they follow through.
  • Constitutional Amendment Toolkit: At ncdp.org/vote-against, voters can access the NC Democratic Party’s Constitutional Amendment Toolkit which includes one-pagers on the six constitutional amendments as well as social media guidance to help encourage voters to vote against the amendments this fall.

In addition to these new tools, “Our Vote” includes links to existing resources provided by the State Board of Elections like how to check your registration status and how to register to vote, along with other valuable information like important election dates, what to bring to the polls, and how to vote by mail.

North Carolina Democrats are committed to ensuring every voter has equal access to the polls and is armed with the information they need this Election Day. From unconstitutionally gerrymandered maps, to a swath of deceptively written constitutional amendments, to the Trump administration’s unprecedented subpoenas of voter information, Republicans have launched effort after effort to silence people’s voices and sow confusion among North Carolina voters. North Carolina Democrats are fighting to ensure that everyone can cast a ballot this fall.