April 5, 2018/Press

NCDP Launches “From Murphy to Manteo” Publishing Platform to Amplify Democratic Voices Across North Carolina

NCDP Launches “From Murphy to Manteo” Publishing Platform to Amplify Democratic Voices Across North Carolina

New Medium Publication highlights Governor Cooper, Democratic legislators, and party leaders

RALEIGH – Today, the North Carolina Democratic Party launched “From Murphy to Manteo,” a publishing platform where Democrats across the state can share their voices and stories in one central location.

The publication will amplify the voices of legislators, candidates, volunteers, and every day North Carolinians, offering them a platform to share their reasons for running for office, frustration with Republican efforts to rig the system, or other topics important to North Carolina.

You can find the publication at https://medium.com/north-carolina-democrats. The first four posts include:

“North Carolina Democrats are always exploring new ways to reach voters across the state to share what we stand for,” said NCDP Executive Director Kimberly Reynolds. “We’re excited to use this new platform to lift up Democratic voices and to spread the message of Democratic values as we work toward our shared goal of breaking the Republican supermajority.”

NC Democrats just made history! Here’s how.
By Wayne Goodwin

This spring, North Carolina Democrats announced we have a candidate running in every single legislative district for this year’s midterm elections.

That means every North Carolina voter from the mountains to the coast will have a Democrat on their ballot in November.
That is historic.

This has never happened before and it’s proof that the energy and enthusiasm that has been building across our state and our country is about more than words – it’s about action.
In the past year, we’ve seen more people getting involved in politics than ever before. Some are donating, volunteering, or calling their legislators for the first time. Some are attending precinct meetings and starting local chapters of grassroots organizations. And some are taking the fight straight to Raleigh by running for office.

This year’s slate of diverse, quality candidates are more representative of North Carolina than any other group before them. They are teachers, doctors, veterans, attorneys, and public officials. Of the full slate, 77 are women – half of our House candidates and a third of our Senate candidates – and 71 are people of color. Some grew up in North Carolina and others moved here in search of quality public schools and job opportunities, only to watch as the Republican General Assembly moved our state backwards.

Every single one of them is ready to fight for the issues that matter most to their communities and to all North Carolinians…”

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