July 18, 2017/Press

NCDP & Gov. Cooper Announce New Partnership, Break the Majority, to Invest in Key State-Level Races

Raleigh – Today, the North Carolina Democratic Party in partnership with Governor Roy Cooper announced Break the Majority, an unprecedented initiative focused on breaking the unconstitutionally-elected Republican supermajority in the General Assembly. A first-of-its-kind investment in local, state-level elections, Break the Majority is focused on supporting Democratic candidates and holding Republicans accountable for their backwards and divisive agenda. Governor Cooper has already raised more than $1 million for the effort.

Under the leadership of Governor Cooper, the only Democrat in the country to defeat a sitting Republican governor in 2016, Break the Majority will help elect state-level Democrats by communicating a positive Democratic agenda, recruiting strong candidates, providing professional support, and offering resources. Robust political, communications, research, fundraising, field, and digital operations, including the largest communications and research team ever assembled at the NCDP, will provide wall-to-wall campaign support for Democratic candidates at the state-level.

“For too many years, North Carolina’s legislature has been focused on the wrong priorities, pushing divisive and harmful laws that take our state backward,” Governor Cooper said. “We need to restore common sense and balance in our General Assembly and elect lawmakers who will fight for the working and middle class, for public education, and for a forward-looking and inclusive state.”

Break the Majority will also hold the unconstitutionally-elected Republican caucus accountable for their extreme, divisive agenda. Since Republicans took power in 2011, North Carolina has suffered under a long list of harmful laws, including an unconstitutional voter suppression law that targeted African-Americans with “surgical precision,” budgets that drain money from public education to give tax cuts for the wealthy, and laws that promote discrimination and restrict women’s access to health care. Fourteen of their laws have been overturned in whole or in part.

“Emboldened by unfair and unconstitutional districts, Republicans have pushed a far-right agenda that has gutted public education and embarrassed our state,” NCDP Chair Wayne Goodwin said. “Break the Majority will ensure that Republicans answer to their constituents, and will make sure that the politicians who unconstitutionally rigged the system to hold onto political power in 2011 won’t be around to do it again. For our state to move forward, the only thing left to do is break the majority.”

For more information about Break the Majority visit www.breakthemajority.com.