November 1, 2017/Press

NCDP Encourages North Carolinians to Sign up For Health Care as Open Enrollment Begins

Raleigh – North Carolina Democratic Party Chairman and former North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin released the following statement on the first day of open enrollment encouraging people to sign up for health care through

“Today is the first day of open enrollment and I encourage everyone across our state to sign up for health insurance. The Affordable Care Act has helped hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians access healthcare for themselves and their families by making quality health insurance affordable.

“President Trump and DC Republicans have fought tooth and nail to sabotage the ACA and spread misinformation and uncertainty about enrollment, tactics I saw firsthand as the former NC Insurance Commissioner. Republicans have gutted outreach efforts and slashed subsidies that help people afford insurance. Because of their efforts, North Carolinians will pay more. On top of that, ideologically driven Republicans in Raleigh continue to refuse to expand Medicaid. These efforts are backwards and hurt people and our state.

“Despite these attempts, the ACA remains strong. North Carolinians across the state can still find affordable health coverage under the ACA and all of North Carolina’s counties have an insurer offering coverage. Democrats will remain vigilant and will continue to call out Republican efforts to sabotage the law and open enrollment because we understand that health care is a right not a privilege. But the best way to fight back is to sign up for health care and help loved ones get coverage this enrollment period.”