November 7, 2017/Press

NCDP Congratulates Charlotte Mayor-Elect Vi Lyles, Fayetteville Mayor-Elect Mitch Colvin, and Democrats Across the State for their Wins Tonight

Raleigh – North Carolina Democratic Party Chair Wayne Goodwin congratulated newly elected Democratic mayors Vi Lyles, Mitch Colvin, and Democrats across the state in rural, suburban, conservative, and urban areas of North Carolina for their strong victories tonight.

“Congratulations to the next leaders of North Carolina – Vi Lyles, Mitch Colvin, and strong Democratic mayoral candidates across the state. Vi ran an historic campaign, becoming the first African-American woman to be elected mayor of Charlotte despite facing down an onslaught of negative attacks from the NC GOP. Voters also rejected Republicans’ last-minute smear campaign and dirty tactics in Fayetteville, electing mayor-elect Mitch Colvin and his positive campaign focused on growing the middle class and expanding affordable housing.

“Congratulations to the strong Democratic candidates across the state who came short tonight. Every Democrat should hold their head high that they fought for the working and middle class, for their local communities, and for our shared Democratic values.

“Tonight’s results are yet another wind at Democratic backs as we head into 2018. Democrats are fired up and ready to Break the Republican supermajority, and are rejecting Republican’s divisive politics, racist dog whistles, and policies that hurt our middle class. People are voting for North Carolina Democrats because they know that Democrats share their values of inclusion and equal opportunity – and tonight’s just the beginning.”

NCDP invested heavily in mayoral and municipal contests throughout North Carolina, using robust digital ad campaigns and unprecedented digital organizing tools to drive Democratic voters to the polls. Tonight’s victory also comes after NCDP launched a year-round organizing structure, putting paid field staffers in key Democratic communities throughout North Carolina, including rural and suburban areas.

In addition to the Charlotte and Fayetteville mayoral contests, Democratic municipal candidates across the state, including in Burlington, Wilmington, Mebane, Gastonia, and Morrisville, held Democratic seats or beat Republican incumbents.