June 10, 2019/Press

NCDP Announces Adoption of the 2020 N.C. DNC Delegate Selection Plan

Raleigh – The 2020 NCDP Delegate Selection Plan has been adopted by the North Carolina Democratic Party’s State Executive Committee at its meeting Saturday, June 8, 2019. This plan outlines how the N.C. Democratic Party will select delegates for the 2020 DNC Convention in Milwaukee and was drafted by the 2020 Delegate Selection and Affirmative Action Committee of the NCDP.

New components of the 2020 selection plan include how gender non-binary delegates will be considered and ensuring committed Democrats are selected to be the party’s presidential electors. The plan was adopted after several months of discussion, including a 30-day public comment period on the plan. It will now be considered by the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee.

“Our 2020 Delegate Selection Plan gives every Democrat in North Carolina a chance to select the next President of the United States at the 2020 Democratic National Convention,” said NCDP Chair Wayne Goodwin. “The North Carolina Democratic Party is committed to seating a delegation that reflects the energy and diversity of the coalition that broke the supermajority in both legislative chambers and will help us re-elect Roy Cooper, take back the legislature, maintain our majority on the state Supreme Court, win back a U.S. Senate seat, and elect a new president.”