January 29, 2018/Press

NCDP Announces a Record $2.4 Million Heading into Pivotal 2018 Elections

Raleigh – In an unquestionable sign of the party’s resurgence under Governor Cooper and Chair Wayne Goodwin, a strong partnership through our Break the Majority initiative, and a continued and growing enthusiasm among Democrats and Independents, the North Carolina Democratic Party today announced a record $2.4 million ($2,400,840) cash on hand heading into the pivotal 2018 midterm election season.

The party’s financial resources heading into 2018 is unprecedented for a midterm election and is six times more than the party had heading into the most recent “blue moon” election – an election with no major national or statewide race at the top of the ticket. NCDP started the 2006 election, the last “blue moon” election and when Democrats were in the majority in the General Assembly, with $377,914. In the last two midterms (2014 and 2010), the party started each year with $382,934 and $276,155, respectively.

“A blue wave is coming to North Carolina, and with Governor Cooper’s steadfast leadership and a rebuilt and resurgent Democratic party, we’re ready to catch it,” NCDP Chairman Wayne Goodwin said. “This is the best position our party has ever been in heading into a midterm election. We are humbled and grateful to have the support of so many North Carolinians ready for change. With Democrats and Independents alike frustrated by Republican attempts to rig the system, terrific Democratic candidates, and now this record-shattering financial support, North Carolina Democrats are ready to break the Republican majority.”

From June to December 2017, the party raised more than $1.4 million ($1,404,540). That is more than three times what it raised in the same period in 2013 ($444,290) and twice as much as it raised in the same period in 2010 ($560,378).

Democrats head into the midterm election backed by an unprecedented partnership between Governor Cooper and NCDP – Break the Majority – to invest resources and expertise in key state level races; top tier, diverse candidates across the state; and the strongest financial position the party has ever been in heading into a midterm election.

NCDP starts the year on a strong financial position even after flipping 22 Republican held seats in municipal races across the state and investing in key mayoral races in 2017, including African-American mayoral candidates in Charlotte, Fayetteville, and Raleigh.