July 31, 2017/Press

NCDP Announces $1.9 Million Cash on Hand as Democrats Fired Up to Break the Majority

Raleigh – The North Carolina Democratic Party has nearly $1.9 million ($1,893,961.15) cash on hand, according to the party’s mid-year financial filing. The party’s six-month fundraising total for 2017 shatters previous off-year totals over the same period and is a strong signal of the party’s resurgence, Governor Roy Cooper and Chair Wayne Goodwin’s unifying leadership, and the energy and enthusiasm among Democrats.

From January to June 2017, the party raised more than $1.6 million ($1,664,800.83), three times as much as raised in the same period during the last two off-years. In 2015, the party raised $632,000; in 2013, the party raised $348,000.

The fundraising total is even more than the amount raised over the same period the last time the party held the majority. In 2009, the last time Democrats led the General Assembly, the party raised $879,000.

“Democrats across the state are unified, fired up, and determined to help move our state forward and break the Republican supermajority,” NCDP Chair Wayne Goodwin said. “Under Governor Cooper’s leadership, our party is the strongest it’s been in decades. We are grateful for everyone who has made their voices heard, and are excited to build on this support and enthusiasm to elect more Democrats and break the majority in 2018.”