March 7, 2019/Press

NC Democrats Call on Rep. Cody Henson to Resign Following Domestic Violence Ruling

Raleigh – Today, the North Carolina Democratic Party, Democratic Women of North Carolina, and a House Democratic leader called for Representative Cody Henson to resign from his position after a judge found that he committed acts of domestic violence against his wife. Last week, Rep. Henson was served with a year-long Domestic Violence Protection order for repeated harassment and abusive behavior that made his wife “fear for her life and the life of her children.” Yesterday, a criminal summons was issued against Henson.

“Any form of domestic violence or abuse is categorically unacceptable,” President of the Democratic Women of North Carolina Julia Buckner said. “The Democratic Party believes women and we are steadfast in our commitment to stand with survivors. Cody Henson must resign immediately.”

According to his wife, Henson’s position as a state legislator prevented local officials from seeking immediate and appropriate action against him. Instead, she was repeatedly denied help, leaving her to face emotional abuse from Henson for nearly a year.

“I have remained silent on this issue until this time because in the United States people are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law,” House Democratic Whip Rep. Deb Butler (HD-18) said. “Now that a judge has seen fit, after a hearing on the merits, to grant a permanent restraining order against Representative Henson, there has been a finding of domestic violence on his part. There is no place for domestic violence in our society, particularly on the part of an elected official who purports to be a role model for our youth. In my opinion, he should resign.”

Domestic violence is a non-partisan issue that requires non-partisan action, and Henson must be held accountable for his behavior by all members of the political community.

“Representative Henson must not be protected by the silence of his party.” NC Democratic Party Chairman Wayne Goodwin said. “It is unacceptable that Speaker Moore and the North Carolina Republican Party are trying to sweep this reprehensible behavior under the rug. Republican leaders should take this opportunity to stand with survivors of domestic violence and join us in calling on Representative Henson to resign.”