May 21, 2019/Press

Medicaid Expansion Would Benefit NC Early Childhood Educators in Coverage Gap

In Case You Missed It…Yesterday, WUNC Public Radio ran a segment on the critical roles early childhood educators play in the lives and development of North Carolina children. Aubree Waddell, a mother and early childhood educator for over a decade, loves kids and her work but she is now pursuing a different career due to low pay and lack of benefits, including a lack of health insurance coverage.
This lack of coverage is a prevalent issue in the field. As the piece cites, “According to the nonprofit NC Child, one in five early childhood educators in the state isn’t insured. Waddell says she just can’t wrap her head around all this, given the responsibility of the job.”Expanding access to coverage is critical to ensure early childhood educators and North Carolina children and families can thrive, including through Medicaid expansion to benefit 500,000 North Carolinians who qualify. Yet Dan Forest has remained noticeably silent on the issue.

Will Dan Forest stand with North
Carolina early childhood 
and the majority of North
Carolinians who 
Medicaid expansion?
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