June 12, 2019/Press

Local Conservative Radio Host Pat McCrory Parrots False Tillis Talking Point after Tillis Skipped VA Hearing for Fundraiser

Raleigh – On Sunday, local conservative shock jock Pat McCrory took to MSNBC to defend Senator Tillis amid his “circle of death” Republican primary, parroting a false claim that Vice President Mike Pence was recently in state “campaigning” for Senator Tillis as an example of the president’s support.

The hard truth, as the News & Observer has reported, is that the president is actively meeting with potential primary opponents and Vice President Pence was in state supporting the Trump campaign. In fact, any money raised from the fundraiser Tillis so highly touted “went to Trump Victory and not to Tillis.”

Senator Tillis, meanwhile, skipped a Veterans’ Affairs hearing to attend the fundraiser he did not benefit from, meaning the only thing Senator Tillis earned was this brutal headline: “Tillis skipped Senate VA Committee hearing to attend fundraiser in Greensboro.”

Tillis’ primary challenger Garland Tucker put the nail in the coffin of this false Tillis talking point in an interview with Conservative HQsaying, “Actually, the Vice President didn’t come to North Carolina for a fundraiser to elect Thom Tillis. He came for a fundraiser to raise money for President Trump’s campaign. But that’s not the story Thom Tillis spun to the press. Tillis’ spin was more Swamp politics.”

McCrory got one thing right though: “The primary does not help” Senator Tillis and could “cost money that he shouldn’t have to spend in preparation for a general election.”

I guess one out of two ain’t bad.