October 30, 2018/Press

ICYMI Wesley Meredith Put Public at Risk

Raleigh – According to a bombshell story from the News & Observer, Wesley Meredith hired a man with a lengthy driving record who went on to hit and severely injured a 20-year old while driving a company car. According the report, a “lawsuit accuses Meredith of negligence, saying he knew or should’ve known that Harris was a driving risk … At the time of the accident, Harris’ license was revoked. Prior to that, the lawsuit claims Harris was convicted of 24 traffic offenses between 1984 and 2005. His record includes four cases of driving while impaired, two cases of habitual driving while impaired and speeding.”

In response to the story, NCDP spokesman Robert Howard released the following statement:

“Wesley Meredith put countless people at risk by putting a dangerous individual with a checkered driving record behind the wheel of his own company’s car – and it ended up costing someone dearly. That utter lack of judgement from a sitting state Senator is shocking and raises serious questions about his integrity and fitness for elected office. Whether putting someone with multiple DWIs behind the wheel or defrauding taxpayers, Senator Meredith has shown he’ll cut corners to get ahead – even if means taxpayers and families end up paying the cost.”


News & Observer: NC lawmaker hired a man with lengthy driving record. Then the man caused a serious injury.
By Paul A. Specht
October 29, 2018

After a legislator in North Carolina hired a man with a lengthy traffic record, the man seriously injured a 20-year-old while driving the legislator’s company car.

Wesley Meredith, a Republican state senator from Cumberland County, owns Cardinal Landscaping and serves as its president. The company offers commercial and residential landscaping services, as well as outdoor lighting and irrigation services, according to its website.

On Jan. 16, 2015, Cardinal employee Henry T. Harris was driving a company truck on N.C. 55 in western Wake County when he ran a red light and struck a Toyota driven by Christopher Coward.

The wreck crushed Coward’s car. He was taken to Duke Medical Center and “has suffered severe and permanent injuries,” according to a lawsuit he filed in 2015 against Cardinal Landscaping.

The suit, which was resolved in 2016, raises questions about Meredith’s judgment as he seeks a fifth term in the N.C. Senate.

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ABC11: Welfare fraud allegations surface in state Senate race
By Nicole Carr
October 1, 2014

Allegations of welfare fraud have surfaced in the 19th District state Senate race.

On Tuesday, Fayetteville attorney and Democrat Billy Richardson called a press conference, where he provided the media with public and private financial records tied to his opponent, Senator Wesley Meredith (R-NC).

The documents allege Meredith, a Fayetteville business owner, committed welfare fraud in the late 90s, when he and his now ex-wife, Elizabeth, were making annual incomes in the six-figure range. The couple separated in 1997.

Sources tell ABC11 that the former Mrs. Meredith provided the private documents, to include WIC receipts, to the Richardson campaign. Most of the other documents are public record.

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