July 12, 2018/Press

ICYMI: NC Democrats tout ‘unprecedented’ cash haul ahead of midterm elections

News & Observer: NC Democrats tout ‘unprecedented’ cash haul ahead of midterm elections
By Andy Specht
July 12, 2018

Republicans control the North Carolina legislature, but Democrats have a record amount of cash to help their candidates gain power this fall.

The NC Democratic Party on Thursday announced it has $5.8 million to help state House and state Senate candidates this fall. That figure sets a record for the party’s fundraising at this point in a midterm election year.

The party says it has seven times more than it had by the same time in the 2014 election ($800,266) and 22 times more than the amount it had by the same time in 2010 ($252,467).

The party raised a record $2.3 million during this year’s second-quarter campaign period.

Wayne Goodwin, the state party chairman, said the numbers are evidence that momentum is on the Democrats’ side.

“Democrats across the state are outworking, outhustling, and outraising Republicans, showing that the grassroots energy and momentum are on our side and many Republicans are going to be caught flat-footed in November,” Goodwin said in a statement.

“The party is in the strongest position we have ever been in before a midterm election, with outstanding Democrats running in every single district for the first time ever and the resources and support they need to get their message out,” he said.

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