May 15, 2019/Press

ICYMI: Charlotte Observer Ed. Board: “NC Republicans Reveal Their True Colors on School Vouchers”

Raleigh – In case you missed itlast week Republicans passed Senate Bill 609which would expand access to private school vouchers to families of four making $70,000 a year. The Charlotte Observer Editorial Board pointed out that this expansion negates the supposed purpose of these scholarships in an attempt to undermine public education:

“By offering the scholarships to families making $70,000-plus, Republicans are showing that their aim all along isn’t really helping low-income families, but weakening public schools. Why? Lawmakers know that voucher programs take money from public schools, both directly and indirectly.”

Republicans desperately want teachers to believe they’re putting public education first. But instead of actually prioritizing our public schools, they’ve lied tomisled, and tried to silence teachers. Now, they want to weaken public education by propping up unaccountable private schools.


  • “If the Opportunity Scholarship Program grows, bad schools will get worse, and better schools also will lose students and resources. The weaker public schools get, the more parents will become dissatisfied and the more clamoring there will be for vouchers at different income levels.”
  • “Lawmakers are about to provide middle-class families with a subsidy to attend private schools when perfectly good public schools might be available. That’s money that could and should go to public education.”
  • “Even with vouchers, low-income families can only afford lower quality private schools. Most are saying no thanks, and Republicans can’t give their scholarship money away. They should stop trying.”
  • “Instead of expanding school vouchers to people who need them less, lawmakers should put education money where it’s needed most — in the public schools they’re supposed to support.”

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