August 1, 2017/Press

How Much Are Taxpayers Paying GOP Gerrymandering Expert to Rig the System Again?

Raleigh – With the news yesterday that a federal three judge panel is forcing the Republican General Assembly to quit dragging their feet and set new maps by September 1, one piece of the puzzle was left unclear: how much taxpayer money are Republicans giving away to GOP dark arts gerrymandering expert Tom Hofeller so he can rig the system again?

Hofeller is the Republican dark arts operative whose life work is helping Republicans rig the system for their own partisan benefit. Hiring Hofeller with public money is the clearest sign yet that Republicans are set to repeat the same mistakes, miring our state in more undemocratic gerrymandering and ensuring that not every North Carolina voter has a voice.

The three-judge panel strongly scolded Republicans for dragging their feet, with one judge bluntly stating on Friday, “You don’t seem serious.” Yesterday’s decision doubled down, affirming that Republicans’ unwillingness to act shows that “the General Assembly does not appreciate the need to move promptly to cure the unconstitutional racial gerrymanders in the 2011 districting plans.” Even though we now have a timeline, this key question remains:

Will Republicans disclose how much taxpayer money they are giving Hofeller to rig the system for their own partisan benefit?

“It’s shocking that our so-called leaders are giving away taxpayer money to the exact same person who got us into this mess,” NCDP Executive Director Kimberly Reynolds said. “We’re paying his salary. We should know much of our money Republicans are giving away so this dark-arts, gerrymandering expert can rig the system all over again.”