August 23, 2018/Press

How do Vulnerable GOP Explain Coming Back to Raleigh to Grab Power instead of Fixing Issues Facing their Constituents?

Raleigh – Republicans are debating coming back into yet another special session to take a second crack at deceiving voters around two constitutional amendments that will take a wrecking ball to our constitutional separation of powers.

The back drop to yet another special session is a bruising campaign season for Republicans. Voters are tuning in and vulnerable Republican incumbents across the state are getting back polling that shows them in a shaky position headed into fall.

With nearly 50 days before early voting starts and a little more than a week before ballots need to be finalized, will vulnerable Republicans really come back to steam roll our state’s separation of powers instead of fixing the I-77 tolls, cleaning up our waterways, or giving voters a chance to fund public education?

  • How will Nelson Dollar, architect of the GOP budgets that underfunded our public schools who is facing a public education advocate, explain that he came back for ANOTHER power grab instead of allowing voters the chance to vote on school funding?
  • Mecklenburg Representatives Dulin, Stone, and Bradford all live in suburban districts breaking away from Republicans. How will they explain to swing, suburban voters that they came back to Raleigh to undermine our constitution instead of funding public schools and tackling the I-77 road?
  • Will the Wilmington incumbents – Michael Lee, Holly Grange, and Ted Davis, Jr. – who can’t go a day without being hammered about their inaction around GenX take time out of campaigning to come back to Raleigh to undermine our constitutional instead of ensuring people have clean water?
  • Will Tamara Barringer and Jeff Tarte, vulnerable senators who didn’t show up to the last special session, come back for another? How about Trudy Wade, who voted against her party last time?
  • What about Stephen Ross and John Sauls? Will they come back to take a wrecking ball to the constitution instead of putting a school bond on the ballot?

Democrats have strong candidates running in every race. These candidates, and the voters frustrated by incumbents who continue to show they’re more interested in rigging the state to hold onto power than solving pressing issues facing North Carolina, will hold Republicans accountable for coming back to Raleigh to deceive voters for a second time.

That should give these vulnerable members a lot of pause.

“To Representatives Bradford, Dollar, Davis and vulnerable Republicans across the state worried about this November – North Carolina is watching,” NCDP Executive Director Kimberly Reynolds said. “If these vulnerable members come back to Raleigh to take a second shot at undermining our constitution instead of fixing the I-77 tolls, giving people clean water, or letting them vote on school funding, they’ll have a lot to answer for.”