May 2, 2019/Press

House Republicans Deceive and Delay on Teacher Raises

Raleigh – Last night, with thousands of teachers no longer at their doorstep, Republicans revealed their complete education budget plan – and how they lied to teachers. It turns out Republicans’ teacher raises, already only a portion of what Governor Cooper proposed, won’t kick in until halfway through the school year, essentially halving the income they originally promised. On top of that, those raises would only go to veteran teachers, leaving out anyone with less than 15 years of experience.

House Republicans offered a sneak peek of their education budget proposal on Tuesday, conveniently just in time for North Carolina’s second teacher Rally for Respect. They touted their budget as making “historic investments,” but the details revealed last night tell a completely different story, one that divides and deceives teachers.

Compared to Governor Cooper’s budget, which provides a 9.1% average teacher pay raise over the next two years, the House Republican budget proposal falls resoundingly short.

“Just yesterday, thousands of North Carolina teachers demanded better from our legislators,” NCDP Chair Wayne Goodwin said. “Instead of listening, Republicans lied to teachers by leaving out key details of their budget proposal, which puts corporate tax cuts before public schools. Republicans tried to pull a fast one because even they know teachers aren’t going to like their plan.”