July 13, 2017/Press

Hospital Declares Bankruptcy In Phil Berger’s Backyard While He Looks The Other Way

The Morehead Memorial Hospital, located in Senate President Phil Berger’s district, announced recently that it has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. WUNC reported yesterday that Medicaid reimbursements have been declining, which hits rural hospitals such as Morehead hard. Phil Berger has previously said that there is “no good case” to be made for Medicaid expansion in North Carolina, but this hospital bankruptcy right in his district should show him otherwise.

“While we already know that Senator Berger’s opposition to expanding Medicaid was shortsighted and cruel, now it is having tangible results in his district. Berger already missed his chance to follow Governor Cooper’s lead and expand Medicaid coverage, and now that he is seeing the negative impacts in his own backyard, he should do the right thing,” said NCDP Executive Director Kimberly Reynolds.

Berger: “There Is In My View No Good Case That Can Be Made That Medicaid Expansion Is The Right Thing For Us To Do In North Carolina.”According to the Associated Press, “Both Berger and Moore remain skeptical about Medicaid expansion. “There is in my view no good case that can be made that Medicaid expansion is the right thing for us to do in North Carolina,” Berger said.” [Associated Press, 1/14/15]