March 23, 2018/Press

Groups That Spent For Tillis Also Paid Cambridge Analytica

RALEIGH – The Cambridge Analytica case study that touts their work for Thom Tillis in 2014 makes another claim. It says that, “CA Political worked successfully with various organizations key to the success of Thom Tillis’ campaign.”

According to FEC data, at least two other entities involved in the 2014 North Carolina U.S. Senate race made payments to Cambridge Analytica.

The NC GOP paid $215,000 to Cambridge Analytica, and the John Bolton Super PAC paid the firm $341,025 in 2014 while also spending a reported $1.5 millionon Tillis’ behalf. According to the New York Times:

“Using the psychographic models, Cambridge helped design concepts for advertisements for candidates supported by Mr. Bolton’s PAC, including the 2014 campaign of Thom Tillis…”

Because much of the spending on Tillis’ behalf in 2014 was done by so-called “dark money groups” it is possible that even more money was spent for Tillis by groups that employed Cambridge Analytica. Reporting out of Colorado has uncovered how dark money groups paid Cambridge Analytica in the battle for control of their state legislature.

Given federal campaign laws, and an exposé that shows Cambridge Analytica was willing to skirt those laws, Thom Tillis and the NC GOP need to explain whether there was any illegal coordination with the John Bolton Super PAC or any other independent expenditure that was involved in the race. 

“Federal campaigns have strict non-coordination laws, and it raises a lot of suspicion to know that the Tillis campaign and NC GOP were sharing a major consultant with at least one Super PAC advertising in that race, “ said NCDP spokesman Robert Howard. “After stealing personal data from 50 million Facebook users and admitting to a host of dirty and illegal tricks, Cambridge Analytica has shown they have no regard for the law, and it is possible their major clients in North Carolina were violating campaign finance laws as well.”