October 19, 2017/Press

GOP Sabotage of Health Care Forces Blue Cross NC to Hike Rates 14% for 2018, Would Have Been “Near Zero” With CSR Funding

Raleigh – GOP efforts to sabotage the country’s health insurance marketplace are resulting in a double-digit rate increase for North Carolina consumers, Blue Cross NC announced. The insurer was prepared to keep rates flat – with a “near zero” increase – had CSR payments not been slashed by ideologically-driven Washington Republicans. From Blue Cross NC:

“Last week’s executive order from President Trump ending cost-sharing reduction (CSR) payments to insurers does not impact 2018 premiums. However, ending these federal reimbursements will drive up premium costs and make it harder for insurers to participate in the ACA marketplace in the long run. Had CSR payments not been eliminated, Blue Cross NC’s final rate request for ACA customers’ average would have been near zero…”

Meanwhile, not a single Republican state leader has commented on their Washington counterparts’ efforts to sabotage our health care marketplace.

As North Carolinians prepare for double digit rate hikes, citizens deserve to know where Senate Leader Berger, Speaker Moore, and Commissioner Causey stand and why they support ideologically-driven efforts to undermine our health care that end up costing North Carolina families more.

“Washington Republicans are sabotaging our health care and causing premiums for North Carolina families to skyrocket while Raleigh Republicans stand idly by,” NCDP Executive Director Kimberly Reynolds said. “Hardworking people will pay more for health insurance and some may drop it all together, all because Washington and Raleigh Republicans want to play politics.”