July 10, 2018/Press

FUNDRAISING ROUNDUP: 30% of GOP Incumbents & Open Seat Challengers Outraised by Democratic Challenger in Q1 2018

Raleigh – Ahead of Wednesday’s deadline for the second quarter 2018 fundraising reports, a look back at the first quarter results shows that Democratic challengers are already outraising, outworking, and outhustling Republican incumbents.

Across the state, Democratic challengers outraised 30% of GOP incumbents and open-seat challengers (34 out of 116 total seats held by GOP incumbents or open) in Q1 2018; of that total, one fourth (22 out of 91) of Republican incumbents were outraised by their Democratic challenger.

The totals are a clear sign that Democrats are building robust, grassroots-driven campaigns and that Republican incumbents are unprepared for the political headwinds facing them this election. On top of that, Democrats are running strong campaigns in every district this year, meaning complacent incumbents who relied on their caucus to cover their campaigns in the past will find less support as Republican leaders face the largest battlefield since 2010.

“From the mountains to the suburbs to the coast, Democratic candidates are out-working and out-organizing vulnerable Republican incumbents across the largest battlefield in nearly a decade,” said NCDP Executive Director Kimberly Reynolds. “Whether they want to recognize it or not, Republicans are facing a bruising campaign season and a shocking number are either complacent or ill-prepared. Democrats, on the other hand, are seeing a surge of energy and grassroots donations, ensuring they will have the resources to tell their stories and hold Republicans accountable for rigging the system for their campaign donors at the expense of our middle class.”

Here are the Democrats who outraised their Republican opponents [* denotes the race is an open seat]:


  • HD 8*: Kandie Smith ($22,029 Q1) > Brenda Letchworth Smith ($250 Q1)


  • HD 11*: Allison Dahle ($25,431 Q1) > Tyler Brooks ($5,123 Q1)


  • HD 15: Dan Whitten ($1,408 Q1) > Phil Shepard ($500 Q1)


  • HD 16*: John Johnson ($5,321 Q1) > Carson Smith ($2,250 Q1)


  • HD 21*: Raymond Smith ($4,647 Q1) > Robert Freeman ($1,600 Q1)


  • HD 31*: Zack Hawkins ($12,049 Q1) > Torian Webson ($1,205 Q1)





  • HD 55: Frank Deese ($4,780 Q1) > Mark Brody ($3,590 Q1)


  • HD 57*: Ashton Clemmons ($30,851 Q1) > Troy Lawson ($100 Q1)


  • HD 62: Martha Shafer ($67,094 Q1) > John Faircloth ($2,500 Q1)




  • HD 82: Aimy Steele ($8,243 Q1) > Linda Johnson ($4,900 Q1)





  • HD 98: Christy Clark ($33,433 Q1) > John Bradford ($6,075 Q1)


  • HD 99*: Nasif Majeed ($4,584 Q1) > Joshua Niday ($25 Q1)


  • HD 101*: Carolyn Logan ($7,675 Q1) > Steve Mauney ($700 Q1)






  • HD 118: Rhonda Schandevel ($21,596 Q1) > Michele Presnell ($2,625 Q1)



  • SD 16*: Wiley Nickel ($61,037 Q1) > Paul Smith ($750 Q1)




  • SD 38*: Mujtaba Mohammed ($82,866 Q1) > Richard Rivette ($257 Q1)