November 14, 2017/Press

Fresh Allegations Raise Serious Questions Around Lt. Gov.’s Involvement with Extremist Group

RALEIGH – Less than a month after Lt. Gov. Dan Forest was found courting a violent extremist group at a campaign fundraiser, the Associated Press uncovered that the group often split apart families and derailed investigations, raising fresh questions around Forest’s relationship with the violent extremist group.

According to the new reports, Word of Faith:

  • turned children against their families and took them away from their parents to keep them within the congregation;
  • refused to cooperate with investigators, trying to cover their tracks by misleading and lying to authorities.

Word of Faith has already been accused of regularly beating its members, including children and pre-teens, enslaving young people, and installing people in public office to protect themselves.

The new allegations against the group come on the heels of an exclusive mountain fundraiser for Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest’s “shadow campaign” where he was spotted cozying up with members of the church, including Word of Faith minister Robin Webster. Webster’s husband, Frank Webster, was removed as an assistant prosecutor in 2017 after ex-members of Word of Faith said he intentionally derailed criminal investigations into abuse by church leaders.

When asked to disavow Word of Faith, Forest’s spokesperson dodged the question, saying that Forest is “concerned with the well-being of all 10 million plus citizens of our great state.”

  • As more is revealed about the manipulative and violent practices of this extremist group, North Carolinians deserve to know: will Lt. Gov. Forest finally denounce the Word of Faith and will he return any money he raised from them?

“The allegations against Word of Faith grow more disturbing by the day, raising serious questions around why Lt. Gov. Dan Forest courted their members as he gears up to run for Governor,” said NCDP Executive Director Kimberly Reynolds. “North Carolinians have every right to be alarmed by this group and by any politician that would refuse to condemn their actions, let alone one seeking statewide office.”