June 4, 2019/Press

Four North Carolina U.S. Reps Vote Against Disaster Relief Funding in Washington

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Last night, 58 United States House Republicans voted against a $19 billion bipartisan disaster relief package. As ThinkProgress reports, at least 43 of those 58 Republicans “previously demanded or endorsed emergency aid funding for their own states.” Four of those 43 Republican members represent districts in North Carolina and previously signed on to a letter requesting federal disaster aid:

  1.  Representative Ted Budd (NC-13)
  2.  Representative Virginia Foxx (NC-05)
  3.  Representative Mark Meadows (NC-11)
  4.  Representative Mark Walker (NC-06)

In Eastern communities, North Carolinians are still reeling from the aftermath of recent storms and in need of federal aid. The good news is the House passed the bill with the robust bipartisan support of 222 Democrats and 132 Republicans. The bad news is North Carolina Republicans have turned their backs on their constituents and their most urgent and immediate needs yet again.

READ MORE: ThinkProgress: “These 43 Republicans voted against disaster relief funding after demanding it for their own states,” By Josh Israel, June 4, 2019.