November 29, 2017/Press

FLASHBACK: NC Democrats Tried to Shield Consumers from Rate Hikes, GOP Refused

Raleigh – As the NC Utilities Commission debates whether North Carolina consumers should have to foot the bill to clean up the 39,000 tons of toxic coal ash dumped into the Dan River, a look back shows North Carolina Democrats fought to protect NC consumers – while Republicans stood in their way.

Three times, NC Democrats have tried to shield North Carolina consumers from subsidizing coal ash cleanup. Three times, NC Republicans refused to hear their bills:

2017: HB 687, “Amend Various Coal Ash Provns.,” sponsored by Reps. Harrison, Ager, Autry, and Reives.

2015: HB 656, “Amend Coal Ash Management Act of 2014,” sponsored by Reps. Harrison, Reives, Ager, and Meyer.

2015: HB 732, “No Recovery for Coal Ash Costs.,” sponsored by Rep. Ager.

Now, NC consumers are faced with paying an extra $305 million a year – an additional $11-$20 per month per customer on their current bill – because Republicans chose big business over NC families.

“Raleigh Republicans went out of their way to protect their big business backers, even if means sticking NC consumers with higher energy costs,” NCDP Executive Director Kimberly Reynolds said. “Once again, Democrats fought for NC consumers and our middle class while Raleigh Republicans fought for big business.”