May 23, 2019/Press

Early Childhood Educators Share Struggles Brought On By Healthcare Coverage Gap

RALEIGH – At a roundtable event yesterday, Governor Cooper listened to the concerns of early childhood educators brought on by the healthcare coverage gap and discussed a critical solution: Medicaid expansion.

Roundtable participant Eryka Plocki, an early childhood educator in Wake Forest and mother of four, said she makes “too much to qualify for Medicaid but not enough to pay for her own health insurance.” Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common reality for professionals in the early childhood education field.

Plocki added:

“For someone that works as hard as I do, that shouldn’t be an issue, especially someone who takes care of your child or grandchild or nephew or niece. I take care of them and I don’t even have the means to take care of myself in some ways.”

Another participant, Cassandra Brooks, who owns two “Little Believer’s Academy” child care centers in Garner and Clayton, said two teachers who worked there didn’t have health coverage and died. She has since dedicated herself to pushing for Medicaid expansion: “God has given me that mission to push and try to help those working families. They need insurance and they need to be able to see a doctor.”

Expanding Medicaid, Governor Cooper noted during the event, would help address the healthcare coverage gap head-on, and would benefit half a million people in the state. Cooper’s position is clear. North Carolinians deserve to know where Dan Forest stands.

Will Dan Forest stand with North
early childhood educators
and the majority 
North Carolinians who support

Medicaid expansion?
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