March 14, 2018/Press

Does Justice Jackson Stand Behind NC GOP’s Race-Baiting, Dog Whistle Attacks?

RALEIGH – On Monday night, NC GOP Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse launched series of race-baiting attacks against leading civil rights attorney and NC Supreme Court candidate Anita Earls.

Woodhouse posted numerous tweets with African-Americans in mugshots and said Earls “spit in the face of victims,” “said jurors were racist,” and had a “desire to end the death penalty for cop killers and gang murders by calling all juries racist.” He even said “DAMN RIGHT” defendants should get taken out back and shot right after trial.

All because Earls’ firm issued a petition arguing in favor of the Racial Justice Act, which passed the NC House and Senate and was signed into law by Gov. Perdue. The law prohibited imposing the death penalty on the basis of race and helped, for example, keep mentally handicapped brothers, who were later pardoned by Gov. McCrory after DNA evidence exonerated them, from being wrongfully put to death.

Woodhouse’s tweets were quickly condemned by people of all political stripes. But these race-baiting, dog-whistle lines of attacks, in Dallas’ words, “will be a key issue in the Court campaign,” raising important questions for Justice Jackson:

Does Justice Jackson condone race-baiting in her race for Supreme Court?

When will Justice Jackson condemn NC GOP’s racially-tinged attacks?

Will Justice Jackson’s campaign rely on racial dog whistles and race-baiting attacks?

“The Republican Party’s disgusting, race-baiting comments are a sad preview of how they will spend this election cycle,” NCDP spokesman Robert Howard said.“Racially-tinged scare tactics, misinformation, and dog whistles have no place in the race for Supreme Court, and Justice Jackson should forcefully and unequivocally condemn these comments.”