February 13, 2019/Press

Does Dan Forest Still Want the NBA to “Take Its Business Elsewhere”?

Raleigh – NBA All Star Weekend kicks off in Charlotte tomorrow, bringing with it a national spotlight and tens of millions in economic development for Mecklenburg county. This economic engine for our state and reputation boost would have never happened, however, if Republican gubernatorial candidate and face of HB2 Dan Forest were in the Governor’s mansion.

When the NBA pulled All-Star Weekend out of North Carolina in 2016 over the discriminatory bill HB2, Forest went on a tirade, saying that the state was being “blackmailed.”

Forest even told the NBA, “Take your business elsewhere, and I have no apologies about saying that and never will.”

That business is big business – past NBA All-Star Weekends have been a “slam dunk” for local economies, pulling in $116 million in spending for 2018 host city Los Angeles, according to the Los Angeles Times

These economics losses – and Dan Forest’s past comments and his run for the governorship – raise new questions like:

  • Does Forest regret that the NBA is holding All Star Weekend in Charlotte?
  • Is Forest going to the All Star game?
  • Would he rather have events like All Star Weekend pass over North Carolina in order to legalize discrimination?
  • If Forest is elected Governor, would he push new discrimination laws that will force our state to go without tens of millions in economic development?

“Big sports events like NBA All Star Weekend are major economic engines for our state and help boost our state’s reputation nationally,” NCDP spokesman Robert Howard said. “Dan Forest has already cost us one All Star Weekend and embarrassed our state on the national stage. We can’t afford to let him do it again.”