January 29, 2018/Press

Blue Monday 2.0: NC House Dems Announce Five News Candidates to Break the Majority

Raleigh – The NC House Democratic Caucus, together with the NC Democratic Party, today announced a new slate of Democratic candidates challenging Republican incumbents this elections season. The announcement comes on the heels of NCDP’s best fundraising report ever heading into a midterm election. Democrats have $2.4 million on hand, an unprecedented partnership with Governor Cooper through Break the Majority, and exciting candidates across the state.

“Democrats have promised to contest all 120 seats in North Carolina and hold Republicans accountable for their partisan attempts to rig the system,” Democratic Leader Representative Darren Jackson said. “Across our state, people want new Representatives who will fight for our middle-class families, tackle the important issues, and bring common sense back to Raleigh. Today’s new slate of top tier candidates takes us one step closer to achieving that goal.”

Here’s are today’s announced candidates:

  • Joe Fowler, HD 76, who’s focused on cleaning up coal ash and GenX water pollution and investing in public education.
  • Christy Clark, HD 98, small business owner focused on economic growth, investing in public education, and affordable health care. ChristyClarkNC.com
  • Steve Buccini, HD 59, an electrical engineer running to “get our state legislature focused back on the right issues – not partisan games.” Stevenfornc.com
  • Lowell Simon, HD 52, small business owner who “will fight for our fair share and bring a renewed focus on economic development in rural North Carolina.” simonfornchouse.com
  • Dan Besse, HD 75, Winston-Salem City Council Member running to bring “a new set of priorities” to Raleigh. Bessefornc.com

In addition to today’s announcements, strong Democratic candidates across the state have already stepped up to run, including: Darryl Moss (HD 2); Kandie Smith (HD 8); Dan Whitten (HD 15); Kandie Smith (HD 8); Dan Whitten (HD 15); John Johnston (HD 16); Tom Simmons (HD 17); Marcia Morgan (HD 19); Linda Bennett (HD 26); Terence Everitt, Adam Wright, and Joseph Longoria (HD 35); Jen Ferrell and Matt Calabria (HD 36); Sydney Batch (HD 37); Ashton Clemmons (HD 57); Martha Shafer (HD 62); Erica McAdoo (HD 63); Rick Foulke (HD 68); Aaron Cave (HD 73); Terri LeGrand (HD 74); Bryson Jones and Jerry Langley (HD 79); Wendy Sellers (HD 80); Aimy Steele (HD 82); Gail Young, Senah Andrews, and Earl Schecter (HD 83); Ray Russell (HD 93); Christy Clark (HD 98); Brandon Lofton (HD 104); Sam Edney (HD 113); Rhonda Schandevel (HD 118); and Joe Sam Queen (HD 119).