August 17, 2017/Press

Berger and Moore’s Continued Silence on Confederate Monuments is Unacceptable

Raleigh – Has anyone heard from Senate leader Phil Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore? It’s been three days since protestors pulled down a confederate statue in Durham and two days since Governor Roy Cooper took a bold stand by proclaiming that we need to take down these monuments.

Yet the two top Republicans in North Carolina have been completely silent:

“In the Republican-controlled legislature, leaders who would be key to any agreement to repeal the law or move the statues were mum Wednesday. Senate leader Phil Berger’s and House Speaker Tim Moore’s offices did not respond to emails Tuesday or Wednesday.”

Where are Berger and Moore – the two top NC Republican leaders – on the issue of how to handle the state’s confederate monuments?

Berger and Moore control the legislative calendar. And in a notoriously top-down GOP caucus, they set the agenda for their party and for rank-and-file Republicans. That they refuse to comment on the issue gripping the state and the country is simply unacceptable.

Why have NC Republican leaders refused to comment on whether to remove the state’s Confederate monuments?

“Across our state, and across the country, there’s an important debate happening about our racial history – but the two top state Republican leaders can’t be bothered to join it,” NCDP Executive Director Kimberly Reynolds said. “It’s simply unacceptable that Senator Berger and Speaker Moore refuse to comment on this issue, and they must be held accountable for staying quiet on something this important to our state.”