August 16, 2019/Press

As NC Voters Rally to Pressure Tillis to Act on Commonsense Gun Safety, A Look Back to His Potentially Illegal Campaign Coordination with the Gun Lobby

Raleigh – Voters are rallying this weekend to call on Senator Tillis to stand up to the gun lobby and “do something!” to help protect North Carolina families – but if his record and a 2015 love letter to the gun lobby are any indication, Senator Tillis will pick special interests over North Carolina families yet again.

Last year, a bombshell Politico report uncovered potential illegal coordination between Thom Tillis’ 2014 campaign, their ad maker, and the gun lobby, later detailed in a Federal Election Commission complaint on the matter. (This was the second FEC complaint filed last year involving potentially illegal campaign activity in support of Tillis in 2014, after Tillis backers’ shady dealings with Cambridge Analytica came to light.)

That potentially illegal coordination may have “helped tip the scales” for Senator Tillis, according to… Senator Tillis.

After he won his Senate seat, Senator Tillis penned a love letter to the gun lobby, heaping praise in a Washington Times oped column about how they “made a difference,” how he is “grateful for the tremendous effort and resources the NRA devotes to winning elections,” and how the gun lobby “helped tip the scales for my campaign.”

Add in the $5.5 million the gun lobby spent to support Tillis’ election – more than they spent on any other candidate that cycle – and it’s clear where Senator Tillis’ allegiances lie… and why he’s currently facing criticism for being a “profile in (non) courage,” doing “little of substance on gun violence” and refusing to answer North Carolina victims of earlier mass shootings who directly asked him “why wait any longer and let other communities and people get hurt?