May 7, 2019/Press

5 Other Ways for Dan Forest to #ThankATeacher

RALEIGH – It’s Teacher Appreciation Day and people across the state are showing well-deserved love for North Carolina educators. Lt. Governor Dan Forest just tweeted out his “support” for teachers, but has consistently disparaged teachers in the press and failed them for years. Teachers and North Carolinians across the state see right through his political posturing.

Here are 5 other ways Dan Forest could #ThankATeacher:

  1. Support budgets that support schools. In a budget proposal introduced just last week, Republican lawmakers – who have made “grumbling” about teachers a central focus for years – made clear they are actively working to silence teachers by prohibiting North Carolina school districts from canceling classes to allow teachers to protest the legislature. If Dan Forest really wants to #ThankATeacher, he should support budgets that put educators on the path to fairer salaries.
  2. Put students over profits. Dan Forest has historically turned his back on public schools to support for-profit charter schools and rake in tens of thousands in campaign contributions. Take John Bryan for example –  who donated $50,000 to Forest’s Truth & Prosperity PAC at the same time his charter school network was expanding into North Carolina. Forest has received more than $125,000 in political contributions from the charter schools he regulates.
  3. Get the story straight. In 2013, Dan Forest called teacher salaries “shameful.” The pay problem remains, yet Forest claims teachers’ needs have been “taken care of.
  4. Lose this talking point: “No one is forcing [teachers] to take these jobs…they’re volunteering.”
  5. Drop the act. Sadly, this isn’t the first time Dan Forest has feigned support for teachers. North Carolinians remember his ‘North Carolina Education Endowment Fund,’ which was supposed to pay bonuses to the ‘highest-performing teachers’ based on measured student achievement. It would be supplemented, according to Forest, by way of customized ‘I Support Teachers’ license plates. Let’s be clear. Forest’s Fund was a means to circumvent the appropriation of state funds to pay teachers what they deserve.