February 18, 2020/Media

(Yet Another) NEW POLL: Tillis and Trump Still Underwater with Voters, Weak with Key Demographics & in Key Regions

Tillis’ approval rating upside down with women, independents, and military households, and in the suburbs

Senator Tillis is unpopular with voters, more voters in key demographics and regions disapprove of Senator Tillis’ job performance than approve, and the president he’s desperately latched himself to is also underwater with North Carolinians, according to new polling released today from WRAL. Tillis’ standing with North Carolina voters has not improved over the last year, and with the general election right around the corner, he remains weak and one of the most vulnerable incumbents this year.

Here are the toplines:

  • Tillis is 4 points underwater with all voters, and nearly three times as many voters “strongly disapprove” of Tillis than “strongly approve.” 38% approve vs. 42% disapprove; 8% strongly approve vs. 22% strongly disapprove.
  • President Trump is 7 points underwater (45% – 52%)
  • Women disapprove of Tillis by 8 points (34% – 42%) and suburban women disapprove of Tillis by 11 points (33% – 44%)
  • Independent voters disapprove of Tillis by 11 points (31% – 42%)
  • Tillis is underwater with military households (41% – 44%), a critical voting bloc who have confronted Tillis after his infamous flip-flop allowed the Trump administration to raid $80 million from North Carolina military bases.

This is the second week with a poll showing Tillis unpopular, unknown, and underwater. Last week, a High Point University poll showed that Tillis’ approval is underwater and a plurality of voters *still* don’t know who he is. The poll also showed President Trump 8 points underwater, and Tillis trailing Trump’s approval rating by 9 points. Earlier this year, Morning Consult’s quarterly numbers showed Tillis with the lowest approval rating of any senator up for re-election this year.

It’s no wonder race ratings analysts have labeled Tillis as one of the “most vulnerable senators up for reelection this year,” and why one after another has moved this race in the Democrats’ direction because Tillis’ “personal favorability numbers are not good,” he has an “image problem” with voters, and he’s someone who “voters of all ideological stripes simply don’t trust.”

“This latest poll only confirms what North Carolinians already know: Senator Tillis is unpopular, weak, and limping into the general election because he’s a self-serving Washington politician who only looks out for himself,” NCDP spokesman Robert Howard said.