April 21, 2020/Media

Where Was Tillis? Tillis Admits He Didn’t Act for A Month After He Found Out About Coronavirus

Senator Thom Tillis received a briefing on the coronavirus on January 24, three days after the first U.S. COVID-19 case was confirmed, but Tillis let an entire month go by before he took any public action in response to the virus, according to a “complete response timeline” released by his own campaign yesterday which lists February 24 as the first day he acted.

Now, with the federal government’s failures piling up and voters souring on the administration’s handling of the crisis, Tillis is desperately trying to cover his tracks, claiming that he took “decisive, proactive steps” while also simultaneously admitting that he did nothing for more than a month — wasting the critical month of February.

Today, nearly three months from that first briefing, NCDP is looking back at exactly what Senator Tillis did in the month after he was briefed. In the coming days, we will review how Tillis wasted a month introducing Senate resolutions, renaming a post office, attending high priced fundraisers with corporate PACs, and appearing with the President for political events rather than take public action on the coronavirus.

Here’s a quick look — which we’ll explore more in depth in coming days:

JAN. 21: First U.S. COVID-19 Case Reported

JAN. 24: Tillis Tweeted He’d Been Briefed On Coronavirus

JAN. 27: Tillis Introduced a Senate Resolution Declaring “National School Choice Week”

FEB. 7: Tillis Appeared with Trump in Charlotte

FEB. 10: Tillis Introduced Legislation to Rename a Post Office

FEB. 11: Tillis Confirmed Another Far-Right Judge Known for His “Strong Defense of Voter Suppression Tactics”

FEB. 13: Tillis Attended High-Dollar Fundraiser with Corporate PACs Associated with Corporations that Benefited from GOP Tax Law

FEB. 20: Tillis Attended Fundraiser with Nicki Haley