April 23, 2020/Media

Where Was Tillis? Introducing a Senate Resolution Rather than Taking Action on Coronavirus

Senator Thom Tillis received a briefing on the coronavirus on January 24, yet according to his campaign’s “complete response timeline,” he didn’t act until February 24.

So, where was Tillis during that month? Introducing a Senate resolution declaring “National School Choice Week.”

Tillis’ resolution came three days after he was briefed on the coronavirus and six days after  the first U.S. case.

While Senator Tillis was introducing meaningless resolutions with no action behind them, other Republican Senators were acting. On January 22, five days before, Florida Republican Sen. Rick Scott asked the CDC if it had sufficient resources to control the spread of the Coronavirus and requested the CDC’s plan to coordinate with state and local officials on a response. Tillis, meanwhile, has consistently shown that he won’t stand up to this administration or question their actions.

Despite being briefed on the issue, and while his colleagues took meaningful action, Senator Tillis waited a month to act, wasting critical time and leaving North Carolina unprepared for the coming pandemic.